The Nera¤jara is the river that runs past Bodh Gayà, the place where the Buddha was enlightened (A.II,20; S.I,103; Vin.I,1). While the Buddha was staying at Bodh Gaya he would bathe in the river (Vin.I,13). According to the Paramatthadãpanã, the river got its name because `its water is pleasant' (nelm jalaü) or alternatively, because `its water is blue' (nãla jalàyà). The river is nearly a kilometer wide, very sandy and other than in the rainy season has little water in it. The Nera¤jara is often confused with the Palgu River. In fact, the Palgu is formed by the meeting of the Nera¤jara and the Mohini about two kilometres downriver from Bodh Gaya.