Suddhodana was the father of Siddhattha Gotama. His name means `Pure Rice'. Legend says that Suddhodana was a king of the Sakyans and although this is not mentioned anywhere. The only Sakyan ruler mentioned is Bhaddiya who is described as Sakyaràjà and when it was suggested that he join his friends in becoming a monk said  `wait until I hand over the kingdom to my sons and brothers' (Vin.II,182).  We know that the Sakyans had a body of men called `king makers' (ràjakattàro, D.II,233). It is possible this body elected Suddhodana as chief for some period. Suddhodana had two wives; Mahà Màyà who was Siddhattha's mother and who died soon after his birth, and her sister Mahà Pajàpatã Gotamã who became his step-mother. Suddhodana was very critical of his son's desire to renounce the world but eventually became his supporter and disciple.