From about the 8th or 9th centuries onwards a new type of Buddhism began to develop which later became known as the Tantrayana, the last of the three great ‘vehicles’ of Indian Buddhism. In the beginning this new interpretation met … Read the rest

We do not usually think of Russia as a country with a long-standing and traditional Buddhist population. But it is. Strangely, we do not usually think of it as a colonial power either. But it was. There are numerous books … Read the rest

As a Buddhist I believe that the Dhamma had one enormous advantage over most other philosophies or ideologies – that what it contains is true. But I am also aware that it has several serious drawbacks, obstacles and stumbling-blocks that … Read the rest

Although the Dhamma is one its expressions are many and nowhere is this better illustrated than in that most characteristics of Buddhist monuments the stupas. Some stupas are bulbous and squat while others are slim and spire-like. Some are small … Read the rest

The cautionary advice “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing” is a colourful and well-known one but where does it come from? It is usually thought of as having its origin in the Bible and the English version certainly does. The … Read the rest

In the Dhammadayada Sutta of the Majjhima Nikaya the Buddha says: “Monks, be heirs of my Dhamma, not heirs of material things.” Obviously the Buddha wanted his disciples to give more attention to his liberating teaching than to things like … Read the rest

Much attention has been given to how far west Buddhism extended in ancient times. The most westerly Buddhist monument that can be identified is the foundations of a large stupa in the south east corner of the ancient citadel of … Read the rest

Maradana Road is one of Colombo’s main thoroughfares. Walking along it past the railway station, you soon come to the statue of a Buddhist monk standing on a tall pedestal. It is an unremarkable piece of work, one of many … Read the rest

For a Buddhist probably the highlight of a pilgrimage to India is to arrive in Bodh Gaya and then stand at the top of the board stairway leading down to the Mahabodhi Temple and see for the first time that … Read the rest

The great cave temples of Ellora are one of the most visited tourist sites in India. Between 5th and the 9th centuries CE 34 caves were cut into a scarp which runs for about three kilometres.



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