What was the Buddha Like

So extraordinary was the Buddha, so unerringly kind and wise, and so positive was an encounter with him, that is would change people’s lives. Even while he was alive legends were told about him. In the centuries after his final Nirvana it sometimes got to the stage that the legends and myths obscured the very real human being behind them and the Buddha came to be looked upon as a god. Actually the Buddha was a human being, not a “mere human being” as is sometimes said, but a special class of human being called a complete or great person (mahapurisa). Such complete persons are born no different from others and indeed physically they always remain quite ordinary. But through their own efforts they bring to completion every human potential and their mental purity and understanding develop to the stage where they far exceed those of ordinary human beings. A Buddha, a complete person, is even higher than a god because he or she is even free from the jealousy, anger and favouritism that we are told some gods are still capable of feeling.



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